Nothing in Hollywood is too exclusive for the bug guys

Nobody questions the bug guy. Wearing 50 pound tanks on their back, a sprayer in one hand, and a fiddle in the other, Jason and Jeff Linford have a backstage pass to Hollywood. Whether checking the red carpet for roaches at the Oscars or termites in the homes of the rich and famous, follow the lighthearted, outrageously fun musical twins, on a lifetime of adventure and see the backlot of the world's heart of entertainment.

So follow the twins as they discover the fascinating real world of Hollywood, and let's get some bugs while we're at it!

Watch the epic adventure of two brothers that go from humble bug exterminators to Hollywood royalty. Watch The Hollywood Bug Guys TV Intro:

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* The Hollywood Bug Guys perform at Pest World 2017 in Baltimore, MD

* The Hollywood Bug Guys perform in South Korea (2018 Winter Olympics)

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